Crop insurance will come on this date, farmers are going to get good news soon

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Fasal Bima: A big good news has been issued by the government for farmer friends. Now soon the crop insurance money will be transferred to their account. Earlier such information was coming that the crop insurance claim would come in the first week of December. But the hopes of the farmer brothers were dashed. According to the latest information received, crop insurance claims of 1.41 lakh farmers will soon be transferred to their accounts. Farmers were waiting for this for a long time. Now their wait is going to end soon. There is a wave of happiness among all the farmers after hearing this news.

When will the crop insurance claim be received?

According to the released report, crop insurance claims of farmers may come in the second week of 2024. Let us tell you that 1.41 lakh farmers will get the benefit of this claim. Farmers whose crops have been affected by floods will be given crop insurance by the government. The government will soon compensate the farmers for their losses. According to the report, crop insurance companies have completed their preparations and claims will be issued soon.

Crop insurance claims will be given to these farmers

Farmers whose crops are destroyed due to natural disaster are given crop insurance claims by the government. Farmers were waiting for this claim for a long time. Due to the crop being submerged in the flood, some farmers had planted paddy crop again, but the yield was not much.

It is expected that the government will give claims to the farmers at the rate of ₹ 7000 to ₹ 15000 per acre. If you are a resident farmer of Haryana state and you had applied for this scheme, then you will also be given the benefit of this scheme.

Get insurance for Rabi crops before the end of December

Crop cutting of Rabi crops has started and crop cutting will be done till 31st December. Farmers who have not yet got crop insurance done can get crop insurance done before December 31. Due to this, farmers will not have to suffer losses in case of reduced production or any flood or natural disaster. You can apply for crop insurance online.

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Disclaimer: We provide you this information because our aim is to help you know and check information about the scheme, its status and list, but the final decision related to this scheme will be your final decision. For this visit aajkamandibhan.in or our website. No member of any team will be responsible.

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