Buy for 8 and sell for 20 after a month, double your money in a month, there is a rush to buy

In today’s era, people want to get rich quickly but no one is finding the right path. Wise people have become rich through their wisdom. All these people have taken the help of share market, promoted their knowledge, it is important to give time to any work for success. We are giving you information about a stock which is capable of giving you double money in a month. Unitech Limited is keeping a close eye on this stock. There is a continuous rise in the company’s stock.

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The stock has registered a rise of 125% in the last one month. The stock entered the upper circuit on Friday. The highest level recorded on Friday was Rs 8.45 per share. There is a reason that your money will double in a month.

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Veteran investors also became rich

Veteran investor Dilip Kumar Lakhi holds 4.69 per cent stake in Unitech Ltd, equivalent to 122,782,004 market shares. After the rise in shares, Dilip Kumar got a profit of Rs 4,29,73,701 in a single day.

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Let us tell you that Unitech Limited has proved to be an excellent performing company, which has given multibagger returns of 125 percent in just one month and an increase of more than 200 percent in the last three months. This stock has given a return of 455.92% in six months and 369.44% in YTD this year.

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Company Information

Let us tell you that Unitech India is the second largest company investing in real estate in India. Recently it has claimed itself to be India’s largest real estate developer. The office of this company is in Delhi.

Note : Always invest at your own risk. We are not responsible for loss and profit.

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